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This is an image Under the College of Engineering, the department was established in 2007. It offers undergraduate programs and master programs. The department is set up to address the shortages of electronic and electrical engineers in industries. The Department of Electrical Engineering aims to cultivate electrical engineering talents who are well-versed in both the theoretical as well as the practical side of electrical engineering. It emphasizes the motivation, creativity, and self-growth of the students. The students are also taught to ascertain, analyze, and troubleshoot problems, inculcated the ability to cross domain-barriers, communicate and coordinate, and instilled in team spirit, international view, and appropriate work ethics. The goal is to undertake studies on the enhancement of IC design, Communications, and Nano technology and to put emphases on the combination of basic theory and practical applications. It aims to cultivate a group of students meeting the needs and demands of businesses as well as the academic circle.